Staff Cars – Part One

In what promises to be a regular feature, these are the cars and bikes that the Vintage Tyres team use for the daily commute – and to test our products!  We don’t just sell to the vintage and classic world, we are very much a part of it too – whether it’s enjoying a drive in the sun, or lying on the floor of a garage, covered in oil and muck and wondering why we do it to ourselves 🙂

As the person responsible for the blog, I’m going first…

Richard’s Porsche 924

This is a recent purchase, I’ve only had it a month, and I’m still at the “drive it around as much as possible before something goes wrong” stage.  Having said that it’s been very reliable.  It obviously needs the warm-start regulator looking at, as well as some new shocks and bushes.  We have a LOT of cattle grids around here, and everything goes a bit blurred and rattly every time I go over one.

I have done some spannering on it – but I’m avoiding doing anything significant, in case it ends up off the road for any length of time during the summer.  I will be restoring the wheels and trying some of the Avon CR6 ZZ road-legal race tyres we stock though.

cr6zz wideThese are available in the 185/70R14 original fitment for the car.  As I’m not doing too much mileage, this classic looking track-day tyre should be a fun choice.  We’ve sold quite a few to 911 owners.  You can see them on our website here.

This is about the 4th Porsche we’ve had, and it’s the slowest, but it is good fun on country roads, and my son has plans to turn it into one of these –


So far the only issue I’ve had is that the interior really is a bit too brown…


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