Volksworld 2015. Bugs, campers and tyres…


The aircooled world made it’s annual visit to Sandown Park earlier this year, so we went to see what the ever-changing world of VW had come up with this year.  It’s a good opportunity to see what wheel and tyre combinations are likely to become popular for Campers and Beetles – and to see some of the custom cars wearing tyres we’ve supplied.

Well, apart from the show theme of Cal-look nostalgia – the trend seemed to be downwards.  Beetles, campers, Variants and Karmanns are all getting lower.  The most extreme was a Golf though.  Although it’s only a Golf bodyshell – the underside is Beetle, and the engine is a Mazda rotary.


There were also quite a few cars sporting white-wheel trims.  We supply these for 14, 15 and 16″ wheels, and we also have a varied range of white-wall tyres to fit VW applications.  One of our most popular is a 14″ Duramax white-wall that’s ideal for Bay Window campers.

All in all, this show is bigger each year, and attracts a lot of visitors – as well as a lot of major suppliers.  Definitely worth a visit.



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