Visitors at Vintage Tyres

These are just some of the customer cars that have visited us here at Beaulieu in the last month.


An AC Aceca that has competed on Le Jog and is about to travel off for the Tour Auto.  It came in for a last check, advice on tyre pressures and some spare Michelins and tubes for the event.

We also fitted some Vredesteins to a very clean straight-six Jaguar E-Type.
















It wasn’t all classic British sportscars though, an immaculate Saab 96 came in for some Vredesteins too.  I’m biased, but I really like these cars – they’re different.  Like the E-type, this one looked like it had just rolled out of the factory.


Most impressively of all, a Derby Bentley came in for a set of our own Waymaster tyres.  The Silent Sports Car era tread pattern used for these tyres really suits the big and dramatic presence of this stylish car.


SONY DSCWe supply tyres for a huge range of cars from all eras of motoring, many of which visit us here at Beaulieu.  If you need tyres for your classic or vintage give us a call!


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