Vintage Tyres at Retromobile Paris 2015

Retromobile Exterior 1At the start of this month the Vintage Tyres team exhibited at Retromobile in Paris for the fifteenth time.  With over 100,000 visitors for the 5 days of the show it was packed out with visitors hungry to see the exclusive collections.  The Baillon collection’s 59 “barn-find” cars were particularly impressive; including a Ferrari 250 which sold for 14.2 million Euros, and a large number of coach-built French machines that were evocatively lit in their own hall.  Decomposing metal looked really good.

IMG_1372 copyRetromobile maintained its reputation for exclusivity with the large Acturial auction stand, and the presence of several manufacturers like exhibiting their heritage collection vehicles.  After a while we got very used to seeing massed ranks of Mercedes Gullwings, Porsches and Ferraris, along with half of the world’s surviving Pegasos and 3 Bugatti Royales!  It took something really unusual to catch our attention.  Something like a Tiger tank perhaps?

Tank Tyre 2

Tank Tyre

We did notice that one of the tanks on display had tyres in dire need of replacement, have you checked yours recently?

Over the course of the 5 days of the show we talked to many hundreds of classic and vintage car owners.  They represented a huge cross-section of the European classic car scene, from the humblest 2CV to the most dramatic Bugatti.  We received a lot of interest in our Waymaster tyres, and were very pleased to see that the 1923 Delage Bequet on the Fiskens stand was sporting a new set.

Delage Tyre 2

We saw some amazing cars and met a lot of great people this year, and we’re looking forward to doing the same in 2016!


Retromobile Hall 1


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